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Chimi Churri

Argentina is a country of glaciers, gauchos, desert, rain forests, the Andes mountains, the Patagonia, Tango, Malbec wine, top quality meats and the world famous Chimichurri sauce. In Argentina we pride ourselves with our cattle that graze the highly fertile lands. It is exported all over the world and served in many fine restaurants. Being raised in Argentina means your first word is ASADO. Asado is our word for bar-b-que but it means so much more than that. It is an event that takes place a minimum of once a week and requires the attendance of the noble Malbec wine. I grew up in Buenos Aires a province that acquired an influx of Italian immigrants in the early 1900s which added much flavor to the Argentine cuisine. When I was not eating those juicy steaks I was eating milanesas, cannelloni, and raviolones. It is our tradition to eat ñoquis on the 29th of each month for luck. Our lives as porteños (Argentines from Buenos Aires) requires a fusion of the rustic gaucho ways of cooking meat on open fire flames and the fine culinary art of the delicious simplicity of Italian cuisine.

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