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Hardcore Carnivore

Jess came up with Hardcore Carnivore during one of her recipe experiment sessions, since she was posting new recipes to my website every week and constantly testing them out. When she created and perfected the Black spice, she knew she was onto something special. The next logical move was sharing it with others! She set about getting it bottled, figuring that if no one ended up buying it, all her friends would end up with a unique holiday gift...

Luckily, her hunch that others would love the seasoning as much as she did was right. Black started garnering a huge following of loyal fans, and the Hardcore Carnivore brand was truly born. Since then they have introduced other rubs into the family: Red seasoning, created with similar flavor profiles but intended for use on pork and chicken, and Amplify, a savory boosting powder made with chicken fat powder.

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