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Bearded Butcher

Avid Outdoorsmen and talented Butchers, Seth & Scott Perkins grew up hunting, harvesting, and butchering all types of wild game, as well as domestic livestock at the family butchering business, leading them on a quest to create a blend of salt & spices that are not only perfect for all types of meat, but just about anything you eat, and why we say "Use it on Everything!"

Formulated to enhance flavor, while still keeping ingredients "clean", which means free of, MSG, or anti-caking chemicals...
Bearded Butcher Blend is the perfect choice for you!

Since starting with our Original Blend in 2012, we've expanded into a total of 10 Spice Blends & 2 Sauces, all of which are sold in retailers across the USA, as well as online all around the world!

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