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Heartbeat x Dark Side Of The Grill - Shitake Szechuan Hot Sauce

A long time in the making, we’ve finally partnered up with our good friend and BBQ aficionado Mel Chmilar, aka Darkside of the Grill, for this brand new collaboration that may just be your new “go to” on the grill.

Instead of your typical BBQ flavours such as smoky and sticky sweet, we chose a more dynamic approach that will elevate your grilled or smoked meats and veggies in a whole new way. Hot Pot inspired Szechuan pepper and shiitake mushrooms boldly compliment the familiar flavours of fermented habanero and cayenne for a deeply savoury profile that is sure to both surprise and satisfy.

" Whether you’re making some deadly wings soaked in it, or drizzling it over a smokey beef rib, it’s gonna work for you! She was made to mix up that already perfect smoked meat and add another realm to your cooking with just a splash"
- Mel, Darkside of the Grill