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Konnected Joe


Experience a new era of ceramic grilling with the Kamado Joe Konnected Joe Digital Charcoal Grill and Smoker. The Konnected Joe makes lighting a fire easy. Simply press the Automatic Firestarter (AFS™) button to ignite your charcoal, set your desired cooking temperature with the digital Kontrol Board™ or the Kamado Joe App and let the Kontrol Fan™ do the rest. With multiple cooking functions the Konnected Joe allows you to enjoy Kamado grilling and smoking your way. Automatic cook mode provides full digital control, or try Classic mode, for the traditional Kamado experience.

How It Works.
Crafted with Kamado Joe innovation, this grill combines traditional kamado style with digital technology for a revolutionary cooking experience.

Automatic Fire Starter (AFS)
Ignites charcoal quickly with the push of a button via heating element inside the grill.

Kontrol Board™
Allows the user to set and monitor cook modes, grill temperature, meat probes, and session graphing. Connect to the Kamado Joe app via WiFi.

Digital Fan
Maintains and regulates temperature consistency throughout the cook by generating airflow through the grill interior.