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Motley Que - Beef Fixx


OMG We’re Back again! It’s Tearing Up My Heart seeing you use the wrong rub for beef! It’s time to Quit Playing Games With My Heart, I Swear that B.S.B. is the End of the Road. A perfect blend of familiar herbs, pepper & umami. It’s Larger Than Life and As Long As You Love our Heartthrob Hound as much as he loves you, your family will keep saying,” I want you back,! You’re the New Que On the Block, so kiss your Bovine with our B.S.B. rub! Heartthrob Hound Out, No Diggity! Recommended Use Beef! Steaks, Roasts, Shops, Meatballs. Mix with Sour Cream & Mayo for a great chip dip. Recommended Use: Anything Beef