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Napoleon Stainless Steel Smoke Pipe - Starter Kit



Easily turn your gas grill into a smoker with Napoleon's BBQ Smoking Starter Kit. Fill the stainless steel smoker tube half way with the chips of your choice, submerge in water, then place on the sear plates of your grill. Preheat the grill to low, and place whatever you're smoking on the grill. Close the lid and cook low and slow for perfectly smoked flavor. Sweet maple and cherry are perfect for pork and fish, while the bold hickory is great for bacon and beef, the whiskey chips have a nutty-oak flavor that finishes with a hint of aged whiskey, and is fantastic for beef, pork, poultry and spices. Mix and match, and find your flavor with Napoleon's BBQ Smoking Starter Kit. This BBQ Smoking Starter Kit comes with the stainless steel smoker tube and four flavors of wood chips for variety and big smoky taste. enhance the flavor of your food.

Comes with Smoke Pipe and 4 wood chip Samples


  • Find your flavour with four different smoking wood chips to try
  • Stainless steel tube slows combustion of wood chips providing the ideal amount of smoke when used directly on the grill
  • Easy to use: fill and place the durable stainless steel tube directly on the sear plates above the lit gas barbecue burner
  • Easy to mix and match flavours
  • Cherry and maple wood chips produce sweet smoke; ideal for pork, fish and poultry
  • Bold hickory smoke is ideal for bacon and beef
  • Whiskey oak wood chips provide a bold and nutty flavour that finishes with a hint of aged whiskey. Perfect for beef, pork, and poultry
  • Use wood chips with smoker pipes, boxes or trays on your gas grill