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Perseus Kiritsuke


This Kiritsuke tipped chef is named after the Constellation Perseus.  Perseus was known for his might in battle defeating Medusa and rescued the princess Andromeda.  Now you can bring the same precision to your kitchen that Perseus carried into battle.  The feathered patterning on the blade highlights the beauty of the AUS-10 steel, and the olive wood handle is ergonomically designed to ensure a comfortable cutting position and a good grip.

  • The Perseus Chef's Knife: A Spaceman Knives designed blade with exquisite craftsmanship, awe-inspiring design, and the absolute best materials available. The Perseus Chef Knife is perfect for those looking for precision cooking performance at an affordable price point.
  • Incredibly sharp AUS-10 Japanese steel cutting core at 62+ Rockwell hardness gives you extraordinary performance and edge retention. Layers of premium stainless steel ensures exceptional strength, durability and stain resistance. The perfect balance of this chef knife and it's precisely tapered blade minimizes surface resistance for buttery smooth cut through and enhanced non-stick properties. 
  • The premium olive wood handle ensures a comfortable cutting position and a perfect grip.  Allowing you enhanced hand control, and superior comfort and agility