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La Piazza Grills 36" BBQ Rotisserie Kit


Transform your La Piazza Santa Maria or Argentinean grill into a rotisserie cooking haven with the La Piazza 36" BBQ Rotisserie Kit. Designed to unlock a new realm of culinary possibilities in your backyard, this kit is the secret ingredient for hosting unforgettable BBQs that will have everyone talking.

Crafted to seamlessly integrate with your Santa Maria 36" Grill or Argentinean 48" Grill, this rotisserie kit is engineered for precision and ease of use. It allows you to slow-roast meats to juicy, golden-brown perfection, enveloping your gatherings in the irresistible aroma of sizzling delights.

  • Compatibility: Perfectly sized to fit your La Piazza Santa Maria 36" or Argentinean 48" grill, this kit is a match made in BBQ heaven, promising a snug and secure fit for hassle-free rotisserie cooking.