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Pro-Series® High Temp Air Probe With Grate Clip (included with Smoke and Square DOT)


The Pro-Series High Temp Air Probe measures air temperatures in ovens and smokers. Comes with a grate clip to attach the probe close to your food. The gauges that come in ovens or smokers never read the correct temperature.

Cable Max Temp: 700°F (370°C)
Transition Max Temp: 644°F (340°C)
Transition Dimensions: 1.4 L x 0.35 inches dia. (35.6 L x 8.9 mm dia.)
Probe Range: -58 to 572°F (-50 to 300°C)
Probe Dimensions: 2 L x 0.13 inches dia. (50.8 L x 3 mm dia.)
Cable Length: 47 inches (1.2m)
Warranty: 6 months
Works only with ThermoWorks Signals™, Smoke™, Smoke X™, NODE™, ChefAlarm®, Square DOT®, BlueDOT®, and DOT®