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Professional 5 Piece Accessories Kit


The professional pizza kit package includes:

1 – Square Pizza Peel – 13″ x 4′

1 – Wire Brush with scrapper – 8″ x 4′

1 – Ash Scrapper – 9.5″ x 4′

1 – Round Pizza Peel – 10″ x 4′

1 – Ash Shovel – 11″ x 4′

Easily transfer your dough to the pizza oven and then to your waiting friends and family with the Stainless Steel Pizza Peel – either with the round pizza peel or the square pizza peel. The wire brush (with scrapper) allows you to move the ashes off the cooking surface (once it is hot) over to the side of the pizza oven. The ash shovel is used to remove the ashes from the pizza oven, and the ash scrapper gives you the option to remove the harder ash.

This kit pairs perfectly with the Professional SS Accessory Stand.

*Stand not included.