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Silicone Probe Spool

  • Prolong the life of your probe
    The design and size is optimized to prevent pressure on the cable and eliminate kinking.

    Store them where you cook
    Using the magnet on the back, keep them handy on the side of the fridge, grill, or smoker.

    Keep things organized
    The silicone spool probes come in four colors—the same four colors as our probe rings for easy identification.

    Use with Pro-Series® and thermocouple probes
    Spools are compatible with any ThermoWorks Pro-Series® probes, thermocouples probes, or extension cables.

    Protect your ThermoWorks probes
    Keep your probes and cables tangle- and kink-free. With a large, four-inch diameter design, the ThermoWorks silicone probe spool is designed to house your probes in a neat and tidy format.

    Probes are essential tools when smoking, grilling, and monitoring your temps. Protect them from damage and unnecessary wear and tear with a designated spool for each probe.

    Store them stacked together in a drawer or use the magnet on the back to keep one next to your alarm and one by your grill.

    Works with both Pro-Series® and thermocouple probes.


    Dimensions: 3.75 in dia. x .5 in (95 mm dia. x 13 mm)
    Weight: 4.5 oz